Registering for OKVIP is one of the ways to participate in the betting playground that is currently attracting a large number of players. For new players, registering for the OKVIP bookmaker alliance may still be difficult. So in this article from OKVIP, let”s learn the simplest way to register!

Detailed OKVIP registration instructions from A-Z

To be able to participate in betting at the OKVIP bookmaker alliance, the registration process is definitely something that players cannot ignore. So the steps to register for OKVIP and whether it is simple or not will be shared below.

Step 1: Access the OKVIP game portal

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OKVIP betting alliance

The first thing players need to do when registering for OKVIP is to access the official homepage of the bookmaker alliance using the standard OKVIP link. At the main interface, there will be a “Register” section on the right side of the screen for players to access.

Step 2: Enter information

As soon as you click on the registration section on the homepage of the OKVIP bookmaker alliance, a form will appear and require the player to fill out all information, including the following:

  • Email address: Players need to enter their email address, which will help players update information from the house through their email.

  • Username: Name used to log in to OKVIP.

  • Password: Need to fill in OKVIP login password and password must contain both letters and numbers.

  • Confirm password: Enter the correct password again.

  • Vietnam.

  • Currency: Select VND.

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Signing up for OKVIP is super easy

After filling in the information, the player will select 2 boxes: “I am 18 years old” and “accept the privacy policy”. Next, the player will select “I am not a robot” and press Click on “register” to complete the registration process at OKVIP.

Step 3: Update profile

After completing the registration process to create an OKVIP account, players will log in to update their account profile to facilitate the deposit and withdrawal process. Information that players need to update their profile includes:

  • How to address

  • Full name

  • Phone number

  • Date of birth

  • Nationality

  • Place of birth

  • Address, postal code and currency

  • time zone

  • Language selection

After entering, the player should press Finish to confirm the profile update.

Note: When entering your full name, players need to fill in their full name correctly according to their bank account information to facilitate the deposit and withdrawal process later.

Instructions for logging in to OKVIP

After successfully registering an OKVIP account, players can proceed to log in to their account. The steps to log in to OKVIP are extremely simple and players can do it in just 30 seconds as follows:

  • Step 1: Visit OKVIP”s main homepage with the most accurate link.

  • Step 2: At the interface, select “login” and there will be a login form for players to fill out.

  • Step 3: Fill in login information including username and password and select log in.

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Log in to OKVIP quickly in 20 seconds

So with the 3 basic steps above, players can log in to OKVIP in the simplest and fastest way.

Some notes on OKVIP registration

To help make the OKVIP registration process as convenient as possible for donors, below we will share with you some notes in registering an account. The sharing below will definitely help you in registering an account.

  • When you fill in your account information, you need to enter your email, username, full password and remember all your information so you can log in next time.

  • When entering a username, you need to use 5 to 15 characters within the allowable range of the system and need to use a username that no one else has used.

  • For setting passwords, players need to choose passwords that are easy for them to remember but difficult for others to guess so that no one can access them. In addition, when entering a password, you need to include both uppercase and lowercase letters to be considered valid.

  • The email address needs to be entered correctly because this will be the method to contact players in transactions or future promotions that will be sent to your email. In addition, entering your main email will help reset your password if you accidentally forget the password you set.


So the above article of OKVIP has guided you in detail how to register for OKVIP. Hopefully our instructions will help you quickly create an account and participate in exciting betting at!



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